An agency positioned at the top by positioning others higher.

iBrand Africa is a like-minded colleague. We are a result-oriented, constructive and innovative firm, driven by the purpose to produce unmatched, measurable and admirable results. We Think, You Thank!

iBrand Africa was founded in 2011 as an entity intended to provide professional branding solutions to clients. Through partnerships with creative minds, we have evolved into a trusted name in business development and strategy. We have helped countless institutions to better showcase their brand core values, unveil their uniqueness and attract the right paying clients.

iBrand Africa offers high-quality business consultancy services. We also provide the technical skills required to interpret brand and business ideas into relatable products. Our team comprises the best in tech, including graphics design, content writing, digital marketing, photography, videography, business strategy, app development, web designs and other highly sort-after professionals. We also offer the best tutelage.

Our services range from business consultations to brand identity development, comprehensive branding, media coverage, platforms development, content writing, digital marketing, management procedures and professional tutelage.

Due Process

Our results speak loudly and the process is the tool that amplifies it all. We eradicate mediocrity and fragmentation, replacing them with deadline-based research-driven methodologies that work.


At iBrand Africa, each relationship is a partnership geared towards attaining predetermined success through carefully designed and executed strategies. We became a part of your firm until we helped you reach your goal.

Efficient Execution

Time, efforts and finances are employed in every worthwhile endeavor. Armed with a thorough understanding of the latest in Internet-related technologies, iBrand Africa utilizes a variety of tools to achieve goals with the minimum resource cost, yielding maximum results.

Innovation transformed the world from what we read about in history to what we experience in reality. The ability to conceive an idea, incubate it and bring it to the limelight.

iBrand Africa comprises a team of strategists, writers and designers from a diversity of backgrounds, driven by a common goal.