Our business is to make your business a business.

Whatever your needs, whether project-specific, recurrent, regional or global, iBrand Africa is competent to deliver expertly crafted, strategic and result-oriented services. From start-ups to magnates, we will make the difference you desire.

We provide services in every aspect of a business from conception to marketing, rebranding, media and everything in between. We do the thinking for you, helping you decide the best name for your brand, and what your ideal logo should look like with exceptional topography. We also help you craft the texts to help you communicate your vision clearly. We are poised to carry out unmatched photo and video documentaries for your media needs, provide you with graphic content to captivate your audience and build websites and mobile applications that suit your needs and that of your clients.

What we Do


Branding is the tool with which a business connects with its customers. It reveals the mission, objectives and purpose of the brand to the people it serves. Buying decisions are influenced by an infusion of familiarity, trust, confidence and beauty as perceived by a customer.

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Apps and Web Development

Stand out and get the engagement you desire – and quite honestly deserve. We design, build, manage and position functional interfaces that help foster persistent digital presence. Each site page and app screen we build showcases an innovative UX/UI design that maximizes user interaction and satisfaction.

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Until the story is told through the perspective of iBrand Africa media, the tale is incomplete. We create epic and climatic visual narratives through research, pre-production, production and post production to ensure that every bit of the delivery is a lifelong representation of the desire.

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iBrand Africa offers professional organizational and administrative services that smooth flow of information and instructions. Great organizations require great administration, and it is our business in iBrand Africa to make sure your administration is as great as you envision it.

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Digital Marketing

There has never been adoption or utilization without awareness. Great advertising as we offer it integrates the message with the medium and target audience. We do the research, understand the market, strategize to develop workable plans and deployment strategies and measure the impact objectively.

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