Presence across the digital environment through ingenuity.

Stand out and get the engagement you desire – and quite honestly deserve.

We design, build, manage and position functional interfaces that help foster persistent digital presence. Each site page and app screen we build showcases an innovative UX/UI design that maximizes user interaction and satisfaction. We carry out data-driven research, attuning with trends to help you keep customers engaged across the digital environment.


Millions of website have been costumized using wordpress. WordPress offers templates, customizable mobile-ready designs and themes.

UX/UI design

Business aim to give users the best experience. iBrand Africa designs exceptional User (nterfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) that keep customers longing for more.

Corporate Websites

Corporate websites are used to officially represent a brand on the internet. Combining our branding ingenuity with advanced coding in multiple programming languages, iBrand Africa is well equipped to build the website that adequately represents your brand.


Decide the products and services, and attach prices to them. Then, Let iBrand Africa build the website where your clients can find your products and buy them online.

Mobile app development (Android, iOS, iPad)

Million on mobile applications are available on the internet representing countless brands. Do not limit your brand. Whatever you deal on, we will build the application that represents it adequately.


Our team of experts are available to offer professional consultancy services. We also help you find the loopholes preventing your brand from achieving the results you desire.

Content Management Systems

We operate multiple CMS so that we deliver beautiful sites in record times. iBrand Africa makes it easy for your brand to carve a niche in the digital space.

Content Migration

It you intend moving information from one storage, server or domain to another without loss or complication, iBrand Africa is the shuttle you need.

Consumer Relationship Management (CRM systems)

CRMs are arranged to help you manage bulk and complex systems with ease. We build and manage the systems, providing the users with the best experiences.