Putting the pieces


Branding is the tool with which a business connects with its customers. It reveals the mission, objectives and purpose of the brand to the people it serves.

Buying decisions are influenced by an infusion of familiarity, trust, confidence, and beauty as perceived by a customer. Over the years, iBrand Africa has served organizations (private and public sector) in making their brands appealing to target audiences. We bring in a growth-oriented approach, so that startups, product releases, repackaging or restructuring receive thorough and professional strategies needed to succeed. We have done this for over 50 companies across the globe, and we are set to do it for you.

Brand Guidelines

A set of rules and standards that detail how your brand should be represented. It helps to ensure consistency and easy recognition of the brand.

Brand Naming

Just like the name of everything else, your brand name is the first thing about your brand that most people will relate to. Let’s help you create the ideal one.


Whether a few minor adjustments or a complete do-over, we will change your corporate image from what it currently is to what it should be.

Brand Identity Development

Brand identity is the collection of all elements your brand needs to portray the right image to customers. iBrand Africa will help you realize the things your brand needs and provide them for you.

Demos and presentations

There are a few vital concepts involved in creating a captivating presentation. Using stunning slides and models will do the talking for you so that your audience will enjoy your delivery.

Appearance management

The little gestures leave the biggest impressions. iBrand Africa will help you develop and maintain your public image that customers cannot resist.

Brand positioning

Staying in the mind of customers at all times requires the right strategy. Let’s help your brand become a generic term in your niche.


Your product may be perfect and your service unmatched, but without the right packaging, your intended clients might not get attracted to you. Concentrate on the product, let iBrand Africa do the rest.

Logo creation

Beautiful, attractive and captivating are some of the terms that describe the ideal logo. iBrand Africa will build you a logo that your clients cannot forget.

Tone, Tagline and Vocabulary

We Think, You Thank! That’s because we help you find your footing in everything, including unique phrases for your brand.