Captivate the audience, command their actions and engagement with the least effort.

We do all the work so that you can relax and enjoy the results.

There has never been adoption or utilization without awareness. Great advertising as we offer it integrates the message with the medium and target audience. We do the research, understand the market, strategize to develop workable plans and deployment strategies and measure the impact objectively. These combine to position your brand where the desired attention is sufficiently paid.

Email Marketing

Target and locate clients through email that are constructed to captivate the readers. We will help you create email systems that your clients will thank you for.

Television/mainstream media

Get your brand displayed in live TV programs, news, radio jingle and other mainstream media where millions are exposed to them simultaneously.


Online and offline exhibitions and auctions will communicate your products to your desired audience. We will work with you to entice your clints to bid against each other to win the right to own your marchandise.

Brand awareness

Adoption and utilization are a product of awareness. Our promotional services will make your brand known to the people who will patronise you.

Outdoor media

From posters to billboards, the right application of outdoor media will communicate your brand fast and efficiently. Deciding which options are available and appropriate is a skill we have mastered.

Social media marketing

The digital space represents the largest gathering of individuals at any time. iBrand Africa will help you utilize the digital space and social media platforms to reach your intended audience.

Page management

From social media to websites, our professionals will help you manage your pages and content.

Print Media

Get your brand featured in newspapers, magazines and other platforms. iBrand Africa will help you get your brand listed on these platforms and more.