Create and preserve moments with timeless impact.


Until the story is told through the perspective of iBrand Africa media, the tale is incomplete. We create epic and climatic visual narratives through research, pre-production, production and post production to ensure that every bit of the delivery is a lifelong representation of the desire. Our visual contents capture attention and engagement, leaving the consumers awed and seeking for more. We literally present our clients with their own studios, bringing every required element to light to the end that satisfaction is guaranteed.


iBrand Africa is the go-to brand for excellent delivery in event captures and still image representation. We are trusted by individuals, institutions and governments because of the excellence in our delivery. We bring a variety of gadgets, shoot from a variety of perspectives and present a variety of excellent results. The result of photography is not seen until viewed through the lenses of iBrand Africa.


Memories occur everyday, whether spontaneously or manipulated. iBrand Africa offers the services that capture the best memories in all situations. Our team comprises versatile experts adapted for all your video needs from events to blockbusters.

Product Photography

Your goods will look a lot better when iBrand Africa captures them. We will provide the perspectives that your customers cannot resist.


Every aspect of motion-picture capture is our speciality, from lighting to location, pre-production to post-production. Your viewers will thank you for contracting iBrand Africa.

Aerial filming/photography

Get a glimpse of how birds see events and products with unparalleled aerial shots. Let our drones hover around to give you the perspective from above.

Film Scoring

Do not limit your movies for any reason. Your viewers deserve more. We will provide you with stunning visuals and the sounds to match.

Procurement Services

Our works provide the best results because we use the best pieces of equipment. These pieces of equipment are available if you need them. Just get in touch and we’ll help you find the ideal one for your task.

Short films/skits

Let your skits be as unique as your brand is. iBrand Africa will stamp your signature on your short clips and skits so that viewers come asking for more.

TV commercials

Promotions are productive when it gets the desired action from the viewers. iBrand Africa will provide commercials that will captivate your clients in 60 seconds or less.

Events capture

Your programs and events deserve to be captured through the best lenses, operated by the best artisans. That means letting iBrand Africa capture your events.

Social content

With the digital revolution, social media content is evolved. Stand on the shoulders of iBrand Africa and unfold great content after great content.


All kinds of documentaries, whether one-off or series are worth the excellence. Photo documentaries and video documentaries alike, iBrand Africa has got you covered.